Thank you, Florida. It’s back to zero, which could make for a busy day. It starts early, so pay attention

8am- We have two options from the French Freedom Open. Andy Murray is a -133 favorite at Pinny, Sharapova is -126. Given Sharapova’s reputation I think Murray is the right play. I hope it doesn’t take Murray 5 hours to win/lose this match so I can move on with the day.

1pm-I really can’t wait to get involved in International Friendlies tomorrow. Turkey appears to be -2 -122(what does -2 and -1.5 mean?), The Nazi’s are -2 +130. In addition the Nazi’s are far more popular as far as the ESPN Streakers go, so Turkey is option number two.

7pm-This is where it gets dicey. You never want to push yourself after an Andy Murry 6-4, 6-3, 7-5 and Turkey 7-0 win. Thankfully there are more options at 7pm. Not playing the Halladay prop, Atlanta is basically a toss-up, and the Tigers are -135 favorites. But judging by the lines from the WCWS(Yes, I just abbreviated Women’s College World Series) Florida will be a big favorite over U-Dub. That didn’t help tonight, but I think Florida is the way to go. Plus, Softball seems like a sport that should be over in 2 hours. If I am at 1 or zero here, I may take Detroit and hope it ends in time for this:

10pm-Ichiro. I think it was like 70%+ when they did this for Zimmerman earlier in the season, so I guess Ichiro is a solid look without knowing who is starting. Haren could be an option too, but ‘Zona opened as small dogs, which is probably somewhat inflated by L.A.’s reputation. I think a quick Gators win followed by an early Ichiro single is the way to go tonight.



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2 responses to “STREAK FOR THE CASH: JUNE 2

  1. cajuncook

    I believe (in 5 minutes of research) that when you see a -1.5 and -2 that it’s a half handicapping kind of thing. That is… you would push 50% of your bet and win 50% if the margin was 2, lose the whole thing if they win by one or draw/lose, and win the whole thing if they win by 3 or more. Likewise, betting +1.5 and +2 means that you’d lose 50% of your bet and push 50% if the margin was 2, and the same rules apply (oppositely) for the rest.

    I guess it’s a means of collecting juice or something? I’m not really sure I can wrap my head around the difference in how much books collect money right now… not enough sleep at all for that. Allow me to do math.

    A $110 bet at -1.5 and -2 (-110) that lands on two would be:
    $55 + $55 * (-110 multiplier) + $110 * .5 * 1 = $160
    And the same bet on +1.5 and +2 is:
    $55 * 1 + $55 * 0 = $55

    That adds up to $215, so I guess they raked the juice on the half winner rather than pushing everybody by setting it at -2. I have no idea how to take that into account when comparing odds, though. I guess it is essentially -2 that tips things slightly in the books’ favor?

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