Alright here we go.

Which Former Champ does WORSE?

2008 Nationwide Tour Graduates:

Low South African:


A few notes:
-If you decide to play the first prop on the Wednesday Skins game, thats fine. It A) Only applies to the skins game and B) your entire entry must be in by Wednesday at 1. If you don’t want to play that, you can wait until before the first tee times on Thursday.
-Entries must be EMAILED to me. Sorry, I don’t have the time to go surfing through the comments on six different posts.
-If you haven’t joined yet, its easy to do so just send me and entry with your team name and your picks and you’re in.
-Speaking of Entries a proper entry should look like this:
Team Name: ___________

Worst former champ:_________
Low RSA:____________
08 Nationwide Tour:____________
Match-up pick(2)
Match-up pick
Match-up pick
Match-up pick

Yes, a winner from all 3 groups, then 4 matchup picks with one being double.
-Note, don’t get excited about 200 points for Tiger to win the former champions group. That former champions group is who does WORST for the week.
-Ties for group winners get points. Ties for match-ups lose.
-My email address is:

Good Luck.


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