It’s always fun when the worst thing about your day is that the Orioles game didn’t end in time for me to take Arizona in Streak for the Cash. Anyway, I’m sure that title ruins any chance of making it two in a row.

5/29 LEANS:
Oakland 1,2: Texas is in first place, Oakland is in last place. When these games come out with absurd prices I’m sure I’ll be very interested in Oakland.

Nationals: The past three days have been so happy without worrying about the Nationals. That ends tonight. Happ boasts a 2-0 record and solid peripherals, but his .219 BABIP and 80% strand rate will come back to earth at some point.

Mariners: I feel like the Mariners have played at least half of their games this season against the Angels. In reality, this will be the 11th game between the two teams(5-5). Lackey has been somewhat shaky in 12 innings so far this season, giving up 8 runs, but he does have an 8:1 K:BB ratio. Not an automatic play, but the Mariners catching a big number makes it worth a pretty long look.

Giants: This is a tricky match up here. On one hand, Cain and the Giants are historically underrated and Piniero is overrated. On the other, Matt Cain is the anti-Brad Lidge. After several seasons of pitching well and getting screwed by bullpens and poor hitting teams, Cain has been very lucky this season in going 5-1. His K:BB ratio has been lower than year’s past, but I guess stranding 90% of his baserunners doesn’t hurt.

Cleveland: The Indians seem to get no attention, which is surprising considering they just completed a sweep of the Rays. I guess people are quick to forget the Rays talent, when they are sitting in fourth place in the AL East. Lee has pitched well this season, particularly in his last four starts, but has only a 2-5 record to show for it on the season.

Baltimore: Dontrelle has a 1-1 record and good surface numbers, but he is far from 05-06 Dontrelle. Of course, because of his quirky delivery we know who the public will be rooting for here. Bergesen might as well be called “Anonymous Baltimore Pitcher #4” and I know I am thrilled to be taking a guy with a 1-2 record and 5.49 ERA. Other than a good GB/FB ratio there isn’t much that stands out about Burgesen. On the brightside, we get Matt Wieters in this game.


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