In my opinion, Brandon de Jonge is like Rory Sabbatini, except the exact opposite. Yes, I actually considered wagering on the Nationwide Tour this week. The main reason, was reading an article about how dominate Michael Sim has been, and wanting to figure out why. Sim has certainly been good and by my estimation the best on the NW Tour(more on this next week), but he should not be +525. That is a pretty absurd line.

I looked at de Jonge and I looked at de Jonge pretty serious, but in the end I’m passing whatever garbage NW Tour event this is. From what I have compiled so far, de Jonge is the second best player in the field only slightly behind Sim, yet Sim is 5-1 and de Jonge is 35-1. I absolutely think and got confirmation that de Jonge is a good player for the NW Tour. In the end, I called in the Bill Simmons patented V.P. of Common Sense and asked myself, “If, with a dwindling bankroll, I really wanted to be wagering on the NW Tour?” That answer was no.

Full report on the NW Tour and where it compares to both major pro tours will be coming next week. In the mean time, I came up with this poll for next week’s part two of the RB Golf Contest. I will be strongly inclined to use whatever gets the most votes and I am open to suggestions for both potential groups and head-to-head match-ups.

If you didn’t join the contest first time around(PLAYERS) don’t worry there is plenty of time, just shoot me an email or follow the directions that will be posted next week.


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