A 10 run loss, a 14 run win, a 7 run ninth inning, a few hot dogs and a few beers made for quite the Memorial Day. I just—just—managed to break even, too.

5/26 LEANS
Florida: Andrew Miller is a name that might be familiar because he is a high draft pick, but hes only 1-1 with a 4.94 ERA on the season. The bottomline is I don’t want to get too heavily committed to the over achieving Marlins right now, especially with Blanton’s ugly numbers matching his ugly pitching skills, but it’s worth a look.

Cleveland: 7.5 innings after I gave up on last night’s game, Cleveland won. I’m not sure how that affects this one, but I do know Pavano has been better (40/11 K/BB, 3.70 FIP) than his 4-4, 6.10 ERA.

Washington: Stammen was a brief ray of light for all those beleaguered Nats fans in his first start, striking out 3 and walking 1 in 6.1 innings of 4 run baseball. That will give you an idea of how bad Cabrera was. I’m sure he’ll do much worse against the Mets tonight.

Rockies: I should probably just stop with the two unit Rockies plays, but I think they have as much value right now as any team in baseball. I’m not sure this one qualifies, though. The Dodgers will be more popular for sure, but Cook has a good record and it’s not like he has significantly out pitched that. Colorado is, however, favored by more today after losing by 10 last night. Makes sense, right?

Chicago AL: I hate taking the Blanco Sox here with Colon on the hill, but give me a break Joe Saunders. Saunders has parlayed a 1.81 K/BB, .248 BABIP and 80% strand rate into a 6-2 record and 3.17 ERA.

Baltimore: Looks like Jason Berken is making is major league debut against the overachieving Blue Jays. Sounds like something I want to get involved with.

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