Reds: Harang has returned towards his 07 form so far in this early season. He is striking out a few more batters this season and walking less, but its hard to imagine that he keeps up his 3.19 ERA so far. Against the terrible Astros, this is probably a pass.

Indians: Postseaon hero David Price is making his fake major league debut here, in that it is his first appearance of the year and his second major league start. Carmona is a pretty ugly 2-5, with an ERA over 5. In 53 innings he has a 30/30 K/BB ratio, which is not good, but the projection systems expect him to improve.

Orioles: Tallet remains nothing special as a pitcher and the Jays would be hard pressed to keep up their torrid start, although the Braves slowed them down a bit. Guthrie has not been all that effective this year, with a 5.37 ERA and an even higher FIP. It definitely got my attention that the Orioles are FAVORED in this game, possibly a double.

Detroit: Another small lean here just on principal. Detroit dropped a few to the Rockies and a 3.99 ERA is not even close to indicitive of how well Verlander has pitched this year. Considering Detroit is in first place and Meche is pretty underrated as well, there is no way this is going to be a play. The under looks like a solid option, though.

Rockies: Back to my friend(definied loosely) De La Rosa. Despite being 0-4, De La Rosa has actually out pitched his ERA. He is striking out a lot of batters, almost 9 per 9, but walking a lot of people, too. I don’t trust Jorge to be this good going forward, but lets be honest the Rockies aren’t going to be popular at all facing the Dodgers, especially when they are favored. This has double potential as well.

Nationals: Yesterday was my Memorial Day vacation from backing the Nats. It’s back to work today. Lannan has not been all that good, but a big plus number is smiling back at us here.

Twins: Not a huge fan of taking Liriano here as none of his stats/peripherals are that impressive and he is known for his performance a few seasons ago. Still, the early consensus numbers are clear, the Red Sox are pretty popular.

Enjoy the Memorial Day festivities.


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