Don’t particularly want to talk about another crappy week for me on the PGA Tour. I’m sure I will address it at some point during the week. All I can say is thank god I dominated the Euro Tour this week.

Casey has to be the favorite here, given the way he has played so far this season. +1200 is somewhat of a reach, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it even lower when the odds come out.

For the next level of guys, I like Fuyrk a lot more than Perry or Ogilvy. Stricker looks pretty good in that group when compared to Zach Johnson, Hoffman, O’Hair, Gay and Sabbatini. I won’t be on Fuyrk or Stricker to win, or probably Stricker at all, but they could have some nice potential match-up spots.

It took me .05 seconds to figure out who I will be on this week. I’ve got the list at three people right now and I would imagine that I’ll knock off two or maybe all three. We’ll see, it is way to early to tell.

EDIT: I totally forgot to look at past winners and such before I did this. Sabbatini won two years ago and coming off the Byron Nelson win will probably be even more overrated than I imagined. That is a pretty solid fade spot right there.

Perry has won twice here too, so he will be lower. Fuyrk has yet to post a win at Colonial, but has two runner up finishes.



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  1. Golf Is Fun

    I spent a good portion of the weekend at the Nelson w/ locker room/sports club* access, good times save the fact that my decrepit 33 year old ass is officially no longer capable of pounding free booze for what amounts to 72 consecutive hours, give or take, while having any chance of being remotely functional on the day after. That said, here’s a few interesting nuggets I picked up during this debacle, more to come tomorrow upon (please God!) detox:

    -A lot of smoke, to the point where I’m close to screaming Fire!, regarding Tiger’s imminent dumping of Haney. I think it’s more of when than if. A Tiger/Butch reunion? That’s the scuttlebutt, though my sense of Tiger’s incredible and defensible hubris makes such an occurrence somewhat difficult to reconcile.

    -Vijay is a machine in the gym. It’s impossible to realize just how slim (thin even) and, for lack of a better word, “ripped” he is by watching him on the course in his baggy shirt and generic golf getup. Dude looks more like a soccer pro than anything else, and his workout routine puts that of everyone else I saw to shame. All core and flexibility work, but super intense.

    -Second place in the weight room Mr. Olympia contest goes to…………..Nick Faldo. No bullshit, he was killing it for 2 hours a day, hardcore. Friendly and genial as well, a stark contrast from his reputation for aloofness back in the day.

    -Anthony Kim is heading down the John Daly path of off the course debauchery. Rumor has it that Nike has hired a full time babysitter. Said chaperone must have had the night off on Saturday, as AK was seen by several of my buddies tearing shit up around Uptown Dallas. I guess the above sheds a little light on his relatively poor performance ytd.

    -Belt buckles. Golfers. Out of control. Kill me.

    More tomorrow.

    *Part of the hotel/resort connected to the TPC in which most of the players spend their time during Nelson week.

    • Good comment. I enjoyed reading that.

      None of that really surprises me. Haney seems like an insufferable douschebag considering his face is all over T.V., while Tiger is all over the course. I get the impression, from a distance, that the PR machine that is Tiger gets pissed off at that. I can’t see him going back to Butch, though. It seems more likely that he’d go no coach than back to Butch.

      Vijay’s work ethic is supposedly legendary, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. Usually this is a backhanded complement, but Vijay is going to freaking dominate the Champions Tour when he turns 50.

      I’d be interested to know what you heard from the players about the Phil/Amy Mickleson situation?

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