could best be described as a commitment to excellence… or something like that.

There may be a live blog/frequently updated post/live chat tomorrow for the streak to the cash bonanza.

5/21 LEANS
Reds-Blanton sucks, but I am too not thrilled about taking Owings coming off a win. Has possibilities, but we will have to wait and see.

Rockies-No idea who Medlen is right now. I’ll have to check that out, but Cook may be worth a look.

Indians-After their Bullpen blows it tonight, Pavano could be a good look against the suddenly unhittable Zach Grienke.

Washington- Sadly our boy Danny Cabrera is going back to the minors or long relief. He probably should be shot. Stammen against a 1-5 Snell sounds like it could be a pass, until you realize Washington will once again be favored in this game.

Boston- big favorites in this one, but Lester has not been all that good this season and the Blue Jays have been.

San Diego- Corriea is AWFUL. I really hope the Wagerline numbers disrespect Lincecum as much as they have so far this season. This is my definition of “no chance of winning”

Seattle -111(2)– This is just a guess, but I don’t think this is one of those games where there is any reason to wait. I can’t see a possible reason why the line would move to Seattle, but again that is just a guess.

Astros- The Astros are terrible, I’ll have to run through Oswalt’s projections and stats, though, before I make this pick.

Oakland- Despite their best efforts Oakland won last night. That has nothing to do with tonight, but I really couldn’t think of anything else to write about another non-descript Oakland pitcher against a team that is better than them.

Once again, There will probably be a live blog/chat/frequently updated post tomorrow for the golf tourneys and SFTC.


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