For having no money riding on the game, I was really hooked on the Bruins-Cane’s game last night. In the world where there are lots of sports, I have no problem ignoring hockey, but you can’t argue with a game 7 that goes to overtime. The Boston Bruins are officially the Washington Nationals of my Streak for the Cash.

I will say, though, there is no bigger buzzkill in sports than the intermission between hockey overtimes. You get really into the end of the third period, then have time to take a nap, run to the grocery store…in Worcester, and call your mother before the next period starts up. Considering I don’t know much about Hockey, I almost forgot which two teams were playing.

Houston: Ughhh. I really don’t want to play Houston, but there W-line numbers are getting to the point I can’t really ignore it at this stage. On the brightside, if this line moves at all not in my favor, or I don’t get up in time(likely) I won’t be playing this.

Washington: Haha. Can’t decide if this is a double or not. I like Lannan, but Blanton legitimately sucks and I haven’t come out of my drunk coma for the past three days to pay attention to how either of these teams have done recently.

Florida: Favored over the mighty Dodgers? No.

San Francisco: Apparently the Giants played the Mets last night. I may have overlooked that one, unless Lincecum was pitching. Oh nope, -164, he must be pitching tonight.

Milwaukee: I don’t know how I feel about the Brew Crew, but I do know how I feel about the Cardinals.

White Sox: It is a complement to the Blue Jays overratedness that I would actually consider Danks here. By consider, I mean write a sentence about it.

Oakland: Or, as it is affectionately known around here, Washington West.


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