Washington was probably a play yesterday, but it was more marginal than I had originally thought and I figured the day off all together would be better than jumping on the Nats bandwagon one more time.

Pirates: Wellemeyer v. Duke. Cardinals @ Pirates. That seems like something I should be on.

Arizona: Zona will be favorites in this one, but Haren has seemed to be underrated so far in this young season. Micah Owings is probably more famous for his bat than his mediocre pitching.

Athletics: Hochever is a “phenom,” Cahill is 1-2 and the A’s are terrible. Not the strongest play, in my opinion, but worth consideration.

Could be a slow few days on the baseball front, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of appealing matchups. At some point, I will get around to updating my record.



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5 responses to “BACK TO BASES

  1. James D

    Three words I haven’t put together are Luke, Hochevar, and phenom. AAA numbers aside the guy does have 22 big league starts and a 5+ ERA.

  2. I only said that because he was the number 1 overall pick.

  3. James D

    I thought that was because he reached a deal with KC. He definitely wasn’t as highly regarded as Longoria, Morrow, Kershaw, or Lincecum going into that draft.

  4. You’re definitely right. My point in saying “phenom” was that he may get some attention for being picked number one, that his otherwise mediocre MLB numbers would not merit. Not that Hochevar is an actual phenom.

  5. James D

    True true. Plus he has been getting some publicity for his 6 AAA starts this year after getting sent down for Ponson. Combine that, the #1 overall pick, and the debacle with Boras / LAD and I agree, the name Luke Hochevar is much more recognizable than it should be.

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