Or maybe not.

Once again, Tiger has a 5 shot deficit to make up with only one player in front on him, the leader Alex Cejka.

The difference this round is Sean O’Hair is a much better golfer than Alex Cejka. That round, though Sean O’Hair went off at -220. That’s a good indication of how much better O’Hair is than Cejka.

The odds on Tiger are pretty hilarious. I watched about half his round and he clearly is not in Top Tiger form. As much he fought his swing today, he still was only 2 shots off the best round of the day.

Johnny Miller was absolutely hammering Tiger for how bad he was playing, and for Tiger he was clearly not in his game, but really how much better would he have shot had he hit every fairway today?

Because Tiger’s recovery game is so good, there really isn’t a huge difference in strokes from Tiger missing a lot of greens and Tiger hitting them. That explains why hitting the ball all over the place Tiger has still remained considerably better than the average PGA Tour pro.

We can only guess what is wrong with Tiger, but it looks like a timing issue to me. He seems to be getting to his right side better, which means he has to flip his hands more at the bottom, as opposed to his injured swing where he sat back a little and was more concerned about holding his hands off. It’s tough to get on your left side and hold your hands back and not block the ball as far right as Tiger is doing.

Regardless of Tiger not playing like Tiger, he is still far and away the best player on the PGA Tour.


For those of you who may be interested:
Donald is between 40-50% to get inside the top-30 depending on how many ties there are. Tiger is about 50% percent to finish in the top-3 although, with ties it could be higher. Martin Kaymer finishing in the top-5 is about 13-1. Once again, a good bet, but not likely to hit.

Alex Cejka to win +155(1)
Cejka over Tiger +359(1)
Sutherland -137 over RS Johnson(1)
Allenby +102 over Toms(1)


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