Washington +110(1)
Cincinnati -101(1)
Oakland -105(1)

Ben Crane +100 over Angel Cabrera(1)

Cjeka to win at +685 at the Greek is not a bad price, but I just don’t want to get involved with a crappy golfer with a three shot lead. Tiger to win is a terrible bet, but there is so much juice that Tiger to NOT win only has a small edge. At this point it is not worth tying up the funds for two days at -775.



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7 responses to “BACK TO THE NATS

  1. Eric

    How do you feel about Cjeka as +165 now up 5?

    Tiger -282 to not win, with 4 others at -6?

  2. Already bought into Cejka at +155. Love Tiger to not win at that price, too.

  3. Eric

    I’m now in on Tiger no win at +286. That should ensure a 62 and a 3 stroke victory.

  4. I hear ya. I try to leave all but the most obvious golf decisions for Sunday morning because I tend to make better choices really hungover than drunk. I think you definitely have the right idea with those, though.

    • Eric

      Pretty happy with my drunk self right now, since Cejka’s price has moved way down at MB. I’m on both Cejka to win at +160 and Tiger to not win at -286.

      Gonna be pretty flipping awesome when Tiger makes another winning birdie on 18.

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