Thank you to Martin “Double Bogey” Kaymer. I figured out that I bet on a lot of guys that play 16-17 respectable holes and do one or two idiotic things. What I wouldn’t give for a lesson in course management with Sergio Garcia or Martin Kaymer.

In other news, Jeev continues to piss me off. With the generally crappy Bermuda Greens and low rough this is the perfect week for the Asia Tour if you are into handicapping golf tournaments. I guess I can’t buy on him after a -4 round, but I would love for he and Watney to shoot +1 tommorrow and be paired on Saturday.

Ben Crane, too, that name sounds familiar.

Vijay -110 over Byrd(1): I need to seriously reconsider at one point whether backing Vijay continually is a good decision. He is defintely not as good as his two wins last year indicate at this age, but still Jonathan F* Byrd.

Sergio +145 over ZJ/Steve Flesch: Seriously, Sergio you need to stop having holes like this. I don’t understand how he is making so many double bogeys. Of course, now he will be apoplectic for the next 36 hours and shoot 83 today.

Jeev -110 over John Mallinger(1): Nevermind.

Ross Fisher +110 over Lucas Glover(1)

I have started a bad habit of not caring unless I have 3 or 4 in Streak for the Cash. That makes it a lot harder to get to 3. Sergio is a must play in the 18 holers over Zach. Front 9 Perry v. Fuyrk is probably close to a toss up. I am at one and taking Fuyrk.



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2 responses to “THE PLAYERS

  1. Re: Byrd

    There is lots of value to be had in fading guys who played well in the previous round.

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