Washington: I had a fantastic paragraph written up about the state of the Washington Nationals in general. Then I woke up this morning and saw the results, which made it meaningless. This seems somewhat marginal, the question will be does the Nats crappy play over the past few weeks influence how this line was set?

Rays: Because James Shields always does so well against the Red Sox. Also, it will be fun rooting passionately for the Rays in the bleachers of Fenway Park.

Reds: Big W-line split, St. Louis is the National League Toronto, but I’m a little hesitant on Cueto, so this is probably only a single.

Oakland: Quietly Oakland is trying to lose me as much money as the Nats. Sadly, they don’t get a big paragraph.

Milwaukee: Mediocre Dave Bush against the Cubs. Teams like Milwaukee spin my head around in circles because they go from being incredibly popular to incredibly unpopular in 24 hour spans.

Philly/ATL: Hamels has sucked this year/been injured. UNDER anyone?

Baltimore: Giving back a fraction of these profits.

Washington/Arizona OVER: Martis is 3-0 on the season, but his peripherals are nothing to shake a stick at. Add in that Arizona can’t hit, and Washington is actually a decent hitting team which is probably obscured by their awful record and this sounds like a solid play.

*I wrote this before going to bed last night, The Nats were down 6-1.


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