Alright, I’ve got a few people in the comments and some emails about it, so I think we will give this thing a shot.

Here’s How it is going to run:

PART A:Groups
Each tournament I am going to make up my own groups for people to pick a winner from. There will be three groups at the selected tournaments. Pick a winner from each. Each winning player will have a certain point total. If your player wins, you get that amount of points. Point totals will be calculated from vegas line adjustments to my numbers. That way I can make up ridiculous groups that might be more fun like this one I have planned out for this week called “Players who recorded a score worse than 76 last week:”
There will be three groups in each tournament that I do. I have selected this week as “09 winners,” “Current Presidents Cup Team” and “76 or worse last week” as the groups. If you would like to submit an idea for a certain grouping let me know, and I’m sure we can work it out.

PART B: Matchups:
I am going to list 10 matchups probably about half from Vegas books and half that I make up on my own. Will included Player v. Player, finishing positions, stroke handicaps and any other ridiculous props I can find. Pick four with one being worth double points

For example, a -110/-110 matchup will be 1 point if you get it correct, unless it is your double, then it is 2 points.

Contest will only include:
US Open
British Open
WGC-Bridgestone Invitational
PGA Championship
Deutsche Bank Championship
BMW Championship
Tour Championship
WGC-HSBC Champions(Nov.)

Most points wins. I am doing it like this so people can jump on at any time and have a decent shot to win. However, once you submit a team then don’t make picks one week you get deducted 5 points because it is A) a pain in the ass and B) will discourage someone from hitting a big longshot then not playing anymore and winning.

PRIZE: Not currently decided. Most likely a small monetary prize, although it could be something ridiculous that really epitomizes this contest if I come up with something.


Contest Info: Luckily, because of WordPress I have created a separate page for this contest. That will have all the info, as well as the current groups and matchups being offered. Groups will come out on Monday of the tournament week. Matchups will come out on Tuesday. Again, email me with your team name, 3 group picks and 4 matchup picks(one double) before anyone tees off if you want your team to count.

Any questions can be directed to the comments, or shoot me an email at

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