I’m thinking about running a fantasy golf contest that incorporates some of the bigger tournaments on the PGA Tour for the rest of the season. Let me know in comments if anyone would be interested/any ideas on how to run it.

Tenatively, it would include the majors, WGC’s, Players and Playoff events. There will probably be some kind of small monetary, or ridiculous prize that I can think of.

Right now, I am thinking its going to be something like this:
1) Pick a winner, get point if he wins based on the moneyline.
2)I’m going to select 10-15 matchups either from Vegas books, or make up my own matchups. At this point I am thinking pick 3 with one being a 2pt selection and the other two being a 1 pt selection.
3)Maybe adding a group betting option. Again points would be based on Vegas moneylines.

Anyway, let me know through the comments if you would be interested.



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4 responses to “AN IDEA

  1. Owen

    yeah I’d be interested – Owen

  2. Corey

    I’d be interested. Maybe picking a team from different pools of players would work.

    top 10 players, rookies, foreign, etc…

    great site.

  3. Whatever you decide on, I’m sure I’ll play and lose.

  4. I’m sure I’d do whatever you set up

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