Washington-Tough to make this one not a double, considering the two teams involved. Although, Cabrera might be as bad a pitcher as we all think and we are buying the Nats high here after an improbable three scoreless innings from the bullpen last night.

San Diego– I should probably find something out about these two pitchers before I pull the trigger on this one. People may be taking the Dodgers because they are a better team, despite the fact they don’t really know these pitchers. This one is close, but I think it is a pass.

Arizona-Milwaukee getting too much credit for taking a ridiculous* amount of public money when they swept the Pirates. I’m not sold on Scherzer here yet.

*Considering it was around 50/50 and the Pirates were big underdogs and are not good.

Kansas City– This looks like a good play, but I feel like Toronto should be getting pounded harder on Wagerline before I settle on this. If this was at 7 o’clock I might play it, but given the time I won’t have a whole lot time to consider a marginal play. That is probably a good thing.

Didn’t get up in time for Goosen over Cabrera. I think Phil is the way to go in the afternoon as he is a -120 favorite, and that is probably a pretty fair line. Haven’t checked what the non golf related streakers are for the afternoon yet, though, so there may be better overall plays.


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