Since it seems, wrongly, that the number one thing people account for in power rankings is recent play and recent wins I thought I would bang together a little “Power” rankings of my own.

I left these color coded so that my feelings would be known on the players I don’t talk about here.
RED-played extremely over their head.
YELLOW-somewhat over their head.
GRAY-About average.

First, Nick Watney, Sean O’Hair and Charley Hoffman have all gone from good, good, okay, players to really darn good at the start of this season. I don’t think any of these players are playing anywhere close to a sustainable level for their talents, although Watney is “closest.”

Keep in mind, over a full season only Phil and Sergio were even approaching the -.70 standard deviations better than the field mark.

It’s tough to call anyone in the top-25 an underpreformer, but a few guys stand out here because they have not overachieved as much as the rest.

Namely, Tiger Woods and Jim Fuyrk. Fuyrk appears to be right around the total average I have for him, but has not surprisingly gotten little attention this season.

Tiger is a more interesting case. He continues to be the most confusing golfer for me. Not that he has played terrible this year, but he is getting ripped from a lot of corners of the media for a few things and the perception that last season was sustainable.

His play so far has been right around the Vegas adjusted numbers I have been using for him, so It’s not like I am rushing to jump on him, but he has clearly played at a pretty reasonable clip this year, if not won.

Phil is very overrated as well, because he just hasn’t played as well as the general perception might indicate. That being said, people are picking Phil like he is the second coming of Tiger and he should actually improve a little based on the full data I have. So, take that for what it is worth.

this includes almost 17 months of rounds I have.
Rankings page will be fully updated when I get home tonight.


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