San Francisco

Not sure how I feel about all that chalk.

Missed the Cricket game/match/competition? earlier today. Even though Pakistan was favored by a decent amount I am would not be particularly thrilled putting a streak of 11 on the line for cricket.

Portsmouth/New Castle United: Looks like a toss up with the odds I am looking at at Pinny. Pass.

Atlanta -130 v. St Louis: This one is probably against the public, and against an overrated team. If I was at one, this would be a great pick. I think it is marginal at 11.

Cleveland -124 v. Sox: Same deal as the Braves. Because of Cliff Lee, I put this a touch behind the Braves.

Rockies -120 v. San Diego: Again, somewhat against the public but I certainly don’t think this is better than the two listed above.

Giants +117 v. Dodgers: NO.

Deron Williams assists v. Laker’s winning margin: No.

Hornets -2.5 v. Denver: Hornets are small favorites at -133 on the Pinny ML. They appear against the public based on W-Line numbers and streak percentages. I think this is right there with the Braves on the margin of being a go.

Calgary -127, San Jose Sharks -115: I can add no insightful advice about these two games, other than I will not be playing them.

At this point it is either Hornets or Braves, but I haven’t quite decided yet. Check back later.


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