I usually lay off this subject because I a) don’t really care that much, b) other people do a better job and c) have yet to take more than one minute making selctions(until yesterday)

Well, Yesterday I went 5-0 raising my streak up to 10, which I consider the point where I should actually start thinking about this:

THE OPTIONS(lean is with vegas line):
Philly +101 v. The Marlins: NO

Cubs -120 v. St. Louis: Decent line, with a very good pitcher against an overrated pitcher and public support falling on the cardinals side at a higher rate than usual. It is safe to assume that this line could be higher, but this game is far from a lock.

Mariners +110 v. LAA: NO.

Red Sox -138 v. NYY: Maybe, I don’t see how this is all that much better than the Cubs, though.

Bulls -155 v. Celtics: This paragraph will exhaust my NBA knowledge. Kevin Garnett is still hurt right? The Celtics seem to be the much more popular option here, based on the Streak percentages and wagerline numbers from last night. 3 point favorite, close to a 60% true chance to win and somewhat unpopular. That seems like something I want to get involved with.

Jerry Kelly + Steve Marino v. Field: I have around 47% for these two. I think its safe to say I will be rooting for Steve Marino enough tomorrow.

Carolina -137 v. New Jersey: I hate the Devils, but I’m not putting my streak on the line on a sport I really haven’t watched that much tape of.

Washington -132 v. NYR: Ditto.

Matt Kenseth v. Clint Boyer: Matt Kenseth is about 22-1 at Pinny, The other dude is like 25-1. I prefer to limit my Sunday afternoon degeneracy to Golf, though.

Orlando -180 v. The Sixers: Yes. This is a fantastic situation. The two best picks clearly come from a sport I haven’t followed all season. The Magic? appear to be more popular and are on the road. That’s enough for me.


I guess I could wait for Orlando later if the streak is still going, but I probably won’t be around.


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  1. You should join the RMMB group (name RMMB, pass rmmb).

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