I didn’t watch too much of the action last night, but looking at the Box scores and the fact that my teams outscored their opponents easily yet I lost three* one run games.

*Dodgers game was not over when I typed this, but I am counting it as a one run loss.

Washington: 1-8. 9-1. 3-2. This. Yup, this is shaping up into the first four unit max play of the baseball season. In fact I put this portion in last night:
Nationals +134(2)

Pittsburgh: With Pittsburgh as small favorites and my boy Ian Snell(FROM DELAWARE) on the hill, it is going to be hard not to make this a double. Atlanta’s general underratedness and slow starts in addition to Jo Jo Reyes on the hill are big knocks against making this a double, though.

San Francisco: Fresh off a 1-0 win, The Giants bats are definitely due to regress to their average today. Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum taking the hill against Doug Davis is not as attractive as the wagerline numbers suggest.

Minnesota: Big early wagerline consensus as well as my feelings on the Angels makes this almost unavoidable. Still, Slowey v. Oliver is nothing special.


Baddeley/Leonard is probably a toss up. I’m taking Baddeley because my streak is at 1 currently and it is early in the morning. Gay would be a decent favorite over Hamilton(-140 or -150?), so I’ll take that later.
EDIT: Pinny has -132. That accounts for Hamilton’s name as a major winner and decent finish at the Masters, which don’t really matter.

3rd Rounders:
Jeev -.5 +100 over Immelman(1)
Rod Pampling -110 over DLIII(1)


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