I didn’t actually watch either of the games I bet on, except a few early innings from the giants-dodgers game, I do know, however, that Wakefield almost through a no-hitter on the A’s and I can only assume that San Fran’s pen blew the game, because I picked them enough last season to know that is how they usually lose.

Passing Cliff Lee. The Wagerline numbers make that one borderline for me. The Amazing Cliff Lee, who is due for a regression this season, makes this a pass.

The Nationals and Giants are my only two leans that I will probably play. For obvious reasons.

Small leans to Minnesota, but I am not backing Liriano, and Chicago, but I am not fading the Rays with the White Sox. San Diego with Peavy on the hill is a tiny lean, strictly from Wagerline numbers, but It is not a strong enough consensus to play San Diego for the first time in that series.

Casey, Allenby.
Jeev, Marino, Goggles, Wilson, Mark.
Nick O’Hern, Ben Crane.

Too Lazy to look up my overall ranking, but I am somewhere in the top-200.


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