I’m sure it hasn’t been this bad really, but it seems like it has been since the calender turned to March that I got my last lucky break. Last night with the Mariners winning on a throwing error in extras and the A’s winning in extras without getting the ball out of the infield for only my second winning day of this young season, I think that qualifies.

Here is a breakdown of the season so far, with Pythag and Baseruns:

Slam Dunks:

A’s: Once again looking at an underrated team against the AL-East powerhouse Red Sox. Nothing new here as this will most likely be the third straight night and 6th time I have taken them this season.

Nationals: Speaking of a team that I have taken a lot. While I am 4-1 on Oakland, I am 0-5 on the Nats. With Blanton on the hill for the defending World Champs, which everyone is giving too much credit too at this point against a winless team, this is pretty close to a slam dunk.

San Francisco: Any time Matt Cain is pitching that should raise some alarm bells. He was a lot better than his surface numbers from last season indicate. When he is going up against “phenom” Clayton Kershaw and the Giants are 2-5, that sounds like it is worth a look.

Seattle: Consensus numbers are somewhat there. Gut says it could be a play, but I am not too excited about it.

Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay was probably pretty marginal last night. They are probably the same here.

Other leans:
Reds: No.

Braves: I probably won’t end up on this one, but the Braves are large favorites, with an underrated pitcher on the hill against a hot team that is playing over its head(based on PECOTA). Early consensus numbers say the Braves are more popular, but not that much more popular for the high price. If Wagerline stays where it is, this is a pass. If it falls into the mid-50s on the Braves, I may make this a play.

Baltimore, Kansas City, Colorado, San Diego: Don’t think I am playing any of these.

Last Night 2-1: +1.07x.


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