Worst two-time Major Champion ever?
That’s hard to say, when you look at this list. There are a lot of guys from the 1800s and early 1900s that had to be worse. What I will say, is that Cabrera has a game where by hitting it really long and being pretty decent around the greens he can certainly get into contention at a major. He is also much more inconsistent than a lot of other good players. In his last 10 majors he has missed four cuts, and finished inside the top-20 only twice, both wins.


To “Putt from the Rough”(J.Brown) who narrowly edged out “BgDawg” (A.Cook) and “Defining Moment”(M. Weiner) with a winning score of 45-under par to win the Robert Karlsson Fan Club Group. Congratulations, next time maybe there will be some kind of prize.

Others of note:
4-Sorcic -43
Parker -43
CharlieD -43

8-TTMLJ -41
12- Me -38
13 VTVT/Vegaswatch -37
15- Everyone’s favorite streaker -36
LAST-Your M’OM Fan Club -21

Did Kenny Perry Choke?
I would have to say, yes. Considering he left 12 green at -12, and the final 5 holes played over a stroke under par, to leave the last green at 12-under is a bit of a choke. What it all comes down to is missing the green left on 18. That was a Sergio on 13 Friday mistake. If he had left it anywhere short right, it was a relatively easy up and down(We saw Perry do it in the playoff, DiMarco almost holed out from down there a few years ago.) Left is dead. Had he even pitched out to the fairway I bet he would have had a better look at par. I hate to talk about Tiger like this, but in that same situation, no way Tiger misses left. No way. It’s a shame because Kenny Perry could have won his first major.

Wait, who was leading?
A question I asked myself many times on Sunday as CBS refused to show the actual leaders. Now, Tiger-Phil was certainly entertaining, but we didn’t need to see all the in between shot shenanigans between those two. KP, Campbell and Angel basically played the first 11 holes on a 20 minute tape delay. It is funny, though, that CBS highest ratings for the day came during the playoff, when Tiger and Phil were long gone.

Where has all the money gone?
To those people who had backed Paul Casey. It’s so frustrating to make the right decisions for the past month and lose 40% of my bankroll to Villanova, UNC, UConn, Phil Mickelson and Paul Casey fans. Especially Sunday. If Garcia holds off Casey, Ogilvy doesn’t birdie five holes in a row on the back nine and Kim played a respectable round, I was looking at about a 2-unit profit. Instead I lost about 16. The best part of this is that ALL of these were in fantastic positions Sunday morning and NONE of them hit. That doesn’t even count Perry’s final two holes that cost me a matchup(pushed) and a Sunday morning outright. I lost 11.98 units from my pre-round 4 EV Tracker. Incredibly frustrating, but in the long run the right decisions will pay off.

What is wrong with Tiger?
Nothing, really. It’s hard to criticize a top-10, win, t-6 when coming back from an injury, unless you compare it to his ridiculous play from last season. Any other player on Tour would love those three finishes.

What is next?
The Verizon Heritage.

World Golf Rankings will probably follow this format for a few weeks, as I am looking at a few improvements that will be easier to make without long posts and updating the page every week. If you really want to know about a certain player, hit me up with an email.


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  1. Eric

    After a dismal Friday showing, Your MO’M Fan Club just decided to fly solo with Tiger. Really, I just wanted to do what Mark O’Meara would try to do in this situation. And that’s finish DFL. The real Mark didn’t hold up his end of the bargain, although his +7 was solid.

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