It doesn’t get any better than the final round of the Masters.

Lee Westwood -.5 over Poulthomosexual +102(1)

I have KP -.5 as +101 so it is technically value, but I’d rather just take -110 at the Greek(I have -119).

I wanted Stricker over Sabbs, but my numbers had that as pretty split, which I would normally ignore, but Stricker has played so well this season and Sabbs may have slightly underachieved based on past money list rankings, so I am going to lay off that one.

I have Dudley has fair value +145 over Paul Casey, so again I am going to lay off that considering Paul is out of contention and was really only getting attention for last week. The fact is, he has been underrated for awhile so I’m not going to believe that one week and 3 mediocre rounds makes him incredibly over valued all of a sudden.

I have -108 for Westwood -.5, -153 for Westwood +.5 and -128 straight up, so all the lines were basically the same. +102 appealed to me the most because of the +.


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