Don’t know if anyone heard Sergio’s post round interview, but it was less than inspiring. Something to the extent of “Yeah, I didn’t have much expectations coming in,” “my short game has been bad lately” and “I’ll let you know on Sunday night if I expect to win”


Sergio’s chances of winning are probably somewhere between the 6.22% that I have and 5.6% chance the Greek opened with last night.

I saw this:
Henrik Stenson +4600(.2)
and I had to jump on the Stenson fan club. It just wouldn’t be a major golf tournament if I wasn’t somehow invested in one of the Swedes.

P.S. It is hilarious that Tiger is still the favorite. That is a complete joke.

Round 3 plays:
Robert Allenby -110 over Immelman(2)
“Graham Mcdowell” +100 over Rory Sabbatini(1)
Henrik Stenson -110 over Nick Watney(1)
Lee Westwood +100 over Camilo Villegas(1)

ADDING: Mahan +110 over Watney(1)

I put these all in at about 10 o’clock last night before I started drinking, ensuring they were not hungover/drunk decisions. Thinly sliced, none of the actual pairings immediately jumped out at me so I am going to just pass those.

Honestly, Stenson and Mcdowell could probably be (2) plays, too. Allenby is clearly better/is not the defending champion so that was the most obvious slam dunk. Stenson gets no attention, Watney has been hot, but Watney is not as bad as Immelman. That was really a 1.5 play and since yesterday went so well, I rounded down. Graham over Sabbatini, is one that I am 95% sure should be a (2), but I’m not going to take a chance given my absolute hatred for Sabbatini.


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