Well, you won’t be seeing the headline “Massterful” around here on Sunday.

That’s because Robert Karlsson missed the cut.

What you will hear around here is lots of Shingo Sergio talk. Sergio had a great round today, where he picked up a lot of shots on the field. However, he made just an inexcusable mistake with a 9-iron from 161 yards on 13, when he put it into the creek.

It’s hard to complain about bad shots, because they happen, but that was just a terrible mistake. I make fun of the deification of Tiger a lot, but I can tell you for a fact Tiger is not missing that shot there. Maybe that’s the reason why Sergio hasn’t won as many big tournaments.

All in all, It was a great second round though. It was essentially the exact opposite of Thursday(except the T.V. coverage, which was terrible both days).

The matchups went 8-5, +3.14 units. I also gained 2.36 units of EV, which upped my tournament bet EV to +7.13.

As you can see, I picked up a ton of EV, with Sergio, AK and KP today. KP has a six shot lead on Watney in the 09 winners category, with Goosen and Johnson missing the cut. I have it as -245 for Perry to win. Not a bad deal on +625.

And here is the final round odds report:
By the way, AK’s round today was the round of the tournament so far. I may take a shot at KP if he comes out in the 7-1 or higher range, but probably not. The best look for me will be Stenson, who should be around +5000, I would think.

Be back tomorrow with some round picks(not as many as today) and maybe a few in-running’s.


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