10:13: “Good morning, friends.”

10:14: Soren Hansen is already done for the day. Thanks for the double on one buddy.

12:34: Their is no shot tracker of this event but has some pretty fantastic coverage as far as golf tournaments go. Amen Corner and 15-16 coverage are great because they aren’t tempted to show Tiger/Phil until they are on those holes. They also have Masters extra, which is nice. There is also a nice live leaderboard of the Robert Karlsson Fan Group on ESPN.

By the way, at this point can I really still call this a “frequently updated post?”

12:48: I love this Amen corner live coverage. You get to see a lot of golf on three great holes. That front pin on number 11 is absolutely brutal, the green is so sloped down there and there really isn’t a good miss. AM, I can not, except that I think you get points based on what percentile you are in, and I am not doing well.

1:05: Greg Norman enters Amen Corner with a bogey on 11. Understandable, considering that pin. The real question, though, is there a more annoying storyline than Norman/Chris Evert. Seriously, just shut up. People realize they BOTH cheated on their spouses at the time, right?

1:08: According to E.D.T. Robert Karlsson championship 72-hole journey around Augusta has just begun.

1:22: I really should have taken Shingo/Soren against Retief. In some of the other cases I was worried about the second guy dragging down the value on the guy I really wanted to take. I don’t think that would have been a problem with Shingo.

1:25: Stenson hits a gem on 12. Fellow swedish sensation Bobby K makes par on number one. That 4 picks up a few fractions of a shot on the field and erases Soren’s 6 from my best ball team.


1:54: Chad Campbell, 5-under through 5, is now the outright leader. I’m not even worrying about players not named Garcia, Quiros, Karlsson, Kaymer, because the customized scoring is too much to deal with. They are all at even par.

2:02: My first look at Sergio is a truly atrocious putt. Figures.

2:04: And then he putts a tricky six-foot-down-hill-left-to-righter dead center.

2:19: In fairness to Sergio, he only took three strokes on 12. TTMLJ, nice best ball front-nine.

2:25: Apparently, other people are as mad about shot tracker as we are. I am getting a decent number of hits from any number of google search combinations of “shot” “tracker” “masters.”

2:42: “Graham” is 2-under.

2:50: To say I am in class right now would be a loose interpretation of the phrase “in class” I currently have the Masters leaderboard, live streaming video and the all up and firing on my computer. In addition, the professor is talking to one person at a time and literally everyone else is doing something other than paying attention.

3:00: SERGIO birdied 14. He can* obviously get to 15 and 16, with an easy pin, and has a chance to finish in red numbers. Pretty good all things considered. Hansen finishes at a respectable EVEN par.

*can, in that he has a chance, not that it is at all likely.

3:09: Does Sergio have a new putter?

4:10: No Driver for us. Sergio finishes at 1-under, 7 shots off the current lead.

5:14: Zach Johnson almost made a ridiculous putt on the 14th Green. Chad Campbell is running away with this thing. One more birdie and he sets the major championship record.

5:18: Another thing that pisses me off about Golf announcers. When they say, “Oh and he managed to get some spin on that one, too.” Really? These guys are so good they play super high spin balls that regular amateurs would just hit balloon slices on. That’s why they always spin it back.

5:38: Hell of a shot by Jeev into 13, probably 20 feet for eagle. Speaking of 13, that has to be the most famous second shot to a par-5 in the world. I would love to get one crack at trying to hit that green from 220 yards.

5:45: Nice finish Chad. He is still doing better than my whole best ball team. Hunter has a nice birdie look at 17 to try and get 20 points for my yahoo team.


6:01: The matchups seem like they are struggling, but some of the group bets are going okay. Perry and Baddeley are topping out their groups right now, which is nice.

6:06: First Butler Cabin sighting!

6:11: 66 for Mahan. 18 fantasy points.

6:17: Masters Best Ball Update:
Ruffian515 -14
Sorcic -12
NicholscollegeBison -12
Defining Moment -12

Sorry Nate, but you’re pulling up the rear at -6.

6:34: Looks like 0-4, -2.62 on the day one plays. I stand by all of them though, with the exception of possibly not getting the Katayama/Hansen pairing together.

6:50: Jeev has gotten a lot of coverage today.

6:55: I wonder how low Tiger’s in-running odds will be when they come out. He has never broken 70 on the first day and looks like he has a pretty darn good shot at doing so today. I’m thinking in the +150 range.

7:20: Tiger hacked it around on the last two holes. I remember bogey-bogey finishes on each of the first two days a couple years ago costing him the Masters. Today it was par-bogey, but it felt as bad, after he missed a shortie on 17. That’s it for me. I’m calling it a day, I’ll have an in-running post up later and I’ll try to get a live chat going tomorrow afternoon around 2.



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  1. Once again, no shot tracker. Fantastic. At least there will be some streaming video later.

  2. Yeah, No shot tracker for the majors because they aren’t run by the PGA Tour. You’ll have to wait for the Players for the “shot tracker major.”

  3. Henrik with a bogey at #1. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  4. The streaming video is pretty awesome though. Just saw more of Briny than I ever would have seen on CBS/NBC.

  5. Can you explain to me how points are accumulated in the ESPN league?

  6. At this rate, I’m not going to care by this time tomorrow.

  7. Unreal Sergio. Unflipping real.

  8. I don’t know where you come up with your numbers, but I just watched Sergio play #12 & #13, and I’m pretty sure he sucks.

  9. Stenson finishes with bogeys at 17 & 18. Can I change my vote in the Best Swede poll?

  10. That Mize number is a joke, right? I remember watching him as a kid.

  11. The 3 footer Karlsson just missed at 11 nearly sent me over the edge. I know better than to watch this crap during Round 1. It’s just a pointless way to infuriate yourself.

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