To pen my thank you note to the Royals bullpen. Those of you who thought that Kyle Farnsworth’s performance yesterday was the worst pitching outing of the day, you clearly were not paying attention. Scott Olsen let up 8 earned runs in 3 innings of work. Ian Snell tried to match Olsen by allowing 8 runs, but only 6 of them were earned so I think Olsen wins the day.

Yesterday: 0-3, -3.45 units*

*I wrote this up before the Angels game ended. Feel free to assume 0-4, -5.45.

Slam Dunks:

Oakland(Eveland) v. Anaheim(Adenhart)
I hate these two teams.

Kansas City(Grienke) v. White Sox(Floyd)
Another classic matchup between a pitcher I like and a pitcher I don’t like. These have gone well so far.

Atlanta(Vazquez) v. Philadelphia(Blanton)
I like the pitching matchup here, and the Wagerline numbers support it, but with the Braves winning two in a row against the Phils, I am somewhat hesitant.

Washington(Cabrera) v. Florida(Volstead):
Washington is clearly done. They are on pace to lose 162 games and at this point it may not be out of the picture.

No Write-ups:
San Diego


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