I felt like last week didn’t go so well, but I moved up about 100 spots overall on Yahoo’s fantasy golf. Before I get to the picks, here is the fantasy consensus:

A-List: Tiger Woods, Kenny Perry
This is one of the tournaments I mapped out for Tiger where course history indicates you almost have to play him. Perry gets the spot on the bench this week, because I think he is slightly underrated at a major and from the looks of it his game should fit Augusta pretty well. I haven’t used Perry yet, which gave him the slight nod over Garcia and Kim. That may not matter though, because the two tournaments I have used Tiger he has been active for all for rounds and I can’t see that changing here.

B-List: Lee Westwood, Hunter Mahan, MAJ, Sean O’Hair.
Lee Westwood could be the best player in the group, so that makes it easy despite the fact I have already used him twice. Hunter Mahan is an underrated American, who will probably shoot 77 tomorrow. O’Hair has been playing well this season and I haven’t used him once. MAJ got the nod over Ollie Wilson because I have used him once fewer and MAJ has a strong course history at Augusta as opposed to Ollie’s first time around. Same logic behind skipping McIlroy. I have used him three times and he has never played Augusta.

C-List: Robert Karlsson, Henrik Stenson
Swedes are Bjorn to rock. Once again lots of talent in the C-List, I took who I believe are the best two. Karlsson was a lock, Stenson narrowly edged out Kaymer, Quiros and Oosthuizen.

Last week: 138 points
Overall: 2005 points
Rank: 237, 99th percentile

EDIT: I just realized Sean O’Hair is the fourth most popular pick on Yahoo for the B-List. I’m changing to Rory McIlroy despite the fact that if I use him, he will be my second most used player behind…Mark Wilson.


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