-Fade the White Sox. Chicago is projected to win only 76 games this year, 13 games off last years pace.

-Our old friend Gavin Floyd posted a 17-8 record last year with an 3.84 ERA. I’m not really quite sure how he did it. He had an average K/9 and gave up a lot of homers. His BABIP was .268 as opposed to a career average on .290. As far as I could tell the White Sox had a pretty average defense, and Floyd’s ERA outperformed his FIP by almost a full point.

-I can’t see any reason why the Indians shouldn’t win this division.

-The Indians and Tigers both underperformed their Pythagorean and third order records last season, by a few games. The Indians may be a decent side early in the season, but I’m not real excited to back the Tigers.

-I’m sure I’ll be on the Royals a lot, but I don’t feel like wasting words talking about them.

-The Twins won 88 games last year and missed out on the division by one game. Unfortunately PECOTA does not like them at all this season. Considering PECOTA doesn’t have them much better than the Royals, they are almost certainly going to be overvalued by the public.

-The Greek currently is offering UNDER 83.5 on the Twins at -125, that seems like a decent bet if the Baseball future portion of my bankroll wasn’t currently sitting in the hands of every idiot who banged Villanova, UNC and UConn to the final four.

A-List: Gavin Floyd-CHISOX,

B-List: Meche-KC

Two more to go, Don’t know if I will get them done.


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  1. “-I can’t see any reason why the Indians shouldn’t win this division.”

    Their rotation?

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