What was the PGA Tour thinking sending players out yesterday morning? It’s not like the forecast didn’t include calls for high winds. When your Greens are running 13 on the stimpmeter, you realize that is going to be a problem in 35-45 mph winds, right? There is a reason the British Open always cuts the greens relatively slow.

Some hilarious logic floating out there right now about who and how the wind affected play. I have heard people claim that this benefits the Europeans. Hah. Really?

Apparently, Europe is a place where 55 mph winds just go sweeping across the continent. Seriously, though, most European Tour events are played on resort course similiar to the ones played in the U.S. They don’t travel around all year playing British Open style links courses.

Anyway, the point of this was to determine the effect of the wind had on the guys that had early-late tee times. And they got screwed over. The average score for the guys that started yesterday was 73.35. If you started today, the average was 70.56. That is a 2.78 stroke difference between the combination of the two days. I’d say the PGA Tour sould have called off yesterday or let everyone play through it.

At least it wasn’t windy on the Euro Tour this week:

Here are the updated odds from Europe, because the PGA Tour is too darn crazy this week for any reliable odds. I doubt Vegas will offer anything in-running in Humble, Texas until Sunday, if at all.

And Finally, a new feature I spent all afternoon working on, THE EV TRACKER. PGA EV is calculated after the conclusion of round 1, and it is all based entirely on my numbers. This is an effort to try and figure out how good my process is, and how accurate my numbers are:
(Remember when it says 2 units, that means Units risked + Potential Units won=2 units.)

Europe EV: +.22 units
PGA EV: +3.80 units

I am 95% sure the PGA Tour EV is overstating the European players at the moment.


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