Let me preface this, by saying I currently have no clue about College Hoops.

Given the difference between the opening Vegas line, what I thought the line would be and the Pomeroy rankings, I jumped on Gozaga at +8.5 for two units right away.

It was a snap decision, yes, but I think I am definitely on the right side. As the week went on, I though Gonzaga would drop. But they haven’t and the line has held firm at 8.5.

That brings up the problem. 8.5 seemed very generous to me and I thought when it dropped I would have an opportunity to sell off some of it with a chance at a middle. The line has held steady though. Which brings me to the question: Do I keep my two unit stake in the Zags?

My answer, yes.

There is just too much out there that makes me think I am getting value to guarantee that I lose by swallowing the juice. If I was just buying into it today, this would be an exceedingly marginal play. However, I’ll take my chances that Gonzaga can cover over the gauranteed small loss.

GONZAGA +8.5 -110(2)

None of the other games look remotely playable…For the rest of the tournament. Fear not, It’s only two weeks until Baseball season and the Masters. May have more divisional notes up later if I’m not feeling too lazy.


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