A fun moment that will get driven into the ground this week.

One name stood out as soon as released the field. That name was…Ross Fisher.

I’m sure that applied to everyone out there, too.

Ross has been on my radar for awhile and its good he didn’t play too well at Doral. Then again would it actually matter?

I only looked at 2 more guys, Oliver Wilson and Louis Oosthuizen. Wilson has played really well on American soil taking down AK, then finishing 5th at Doral. If any American player did that, then we would be paying a lot for it. In Ollie’s case it doesn’t seem so.

Same thing applies to Oosthuizen. He was lights out on the Euro Tour during the desert stretch, and got a top-20 at Doral. The inevitable regression from that isn’t enough to scare me off the value at 100-1.

Ross +8250(.11)
Ross top-5 +1415 (.66)

Oliver Wilson +8000(.12)
Ollie top-5 +1400(.66)

Uzi +10000(.09)
Uzi Top-5 +2000(.47)

Ross Fisher +110 over Ian Poulter(2)
You could take the time it took me to decide on this, subtract it from Michael Phelps 100 Butterfly time and he still would have beaten that Hungarian dude.

Vijay +140 over Kenny Perry(1)
Vegas got me on this one. On a side note, I hope Kenny Perry misses the cut here. By a lot. He is shaping up into a nice look at the Masters.

Stuart Appleby +105 over Charles Howell III(1):
Aside from being in Florida, there is nothing in common between Bay Hill and Innisbrook. Aside from being on the pro tour, there is nothing in common between the skill of Stuart Appleby and CHIII.

Oliver Wilson -125 over Bart Bryant(2):
Congratulations Bart on one nice start at Bay Hill.

Louis Oosthuizen -125 over Mark Calcavecchia(2):
I usually make fun of people that say Vegas doesn’t know what they are doing in setting lines, but right now I am going to be one. Were they serious with this one? You could significantly deflate Oosthuizen’s Euro performance and he is still a better player than Mark Calcavecchia.

Briefly considered Fuyrk over Goosen, but it wasn’t quite strong enough.

As far as the Open de Andelucia de Golf goes, it was a de Pass in my opinion. David Lynn was the name that stuck out to me, but there is only one Euro, that is enough to get my attention at these lesser known events and he is from Sweden. Anthony Wall over Aiken was the only matchup I considered, but why lay -135 on something I won’t really follow when I could watch Uzi and Ollie fall apart for -125 apiece.


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