Tom Lehman to win +465(1)

I have him as slightly better than the average golfer over his last 50 or so PGA Tour rounds. He also has a one shot lead on Goosen and three clear of everyone else. The scores this week really haven’t been that spread out so 3 shots is a decent margin.

Final round Plays:
Appleby -110 over Immelman(.5)
Woody Austin +101 over Charley Hoffman(.5)

If things get close, this may turn into an open thread.

1:12: Goggin is 2-under through 3. He will promptly finish 5-over through the rest of the round. Austin down to Hoffman early.

1:46: I hate Syracuse. I hate Devendorf. Goggin still at 2-under for the Day. Ames is done. Austin down by 1. Immelman and Appleby have yet to tee off.

2:12: Goggin just missed an 4-footer for Birdie. It has been that kind of day.

2:40: I wish I could have made a mid-day fantasy trade and put Goggin in for Ames.

2:49: For the first time in a while Goggin, is tied with Immelman. That would give me a 4-0, or 3-0-1 on the matchups. Not Bad. He also has a 13 footer coming up for eagle, which Goggin will obviously 3 jack.

2:54: Eagle!

3:05: Apparently, Wi has chipped in twice today. That bodes well for the always TOUGH Tom Lehman. Goggin is about to follow the Eagle! with a bogey. Yup. Sounds right.

3:13: I’ll say it right now. 5-under gets you a share of the top-5. That is still going to be difficult to do.

3:16: I have so many conflicting interests right now, I have no idea what is going on.

3:30: Lehman is somewhat behind a tree. Being a “hooker” though it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks Johnnie.

3:35: Goggin bounces back with a birdie. That means he is playing the next hole at a minimum of one over par. The PGA Tour should keep track of “give backs:” The percentage of times one of my player makes a birdie than gives back the shot on the following hole.

3:42: Charlie Wi needs to start making some bogies.

3:52: Steve Stricker is convinced that he needs to have a monster fantasy day for me today.

3:55: Goggin hit a pretty nice shot on 16. 17 and 18 are tough, but If Goggin can get in a 7-under that should be good enough to lose in a playoff.

3:57: Lehman won’t be joining them. It looks like.

4:13: Goggin has a big putt coming up. Austin and Hoffman have quite an ugly battle going on, but it is close.

4:14: Goggin runs it right by hole. Unreal. I am still 0-golf season on lucky breaks.

4:37: Probably the last post, Goggin is going to come up one shot short of the top-5, I have a feeling.

5:02: Stricker just missed a HUGE par putt on 18. I’m out, but keep rooting against Quigs and Wi for me.


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