Bart Bryant +130 over Mark Calcavecchia(2):

Calcs has gotten a lot of attention lately, and may or may not have won this tournament in the past(I’m pretty sure he has, but I don’t feel like double checking). He also is on a recent string of very good play. That is okay, I’ll take the better more consistent golfer any day of the week.

Passing Europe.

If Noren, Schwartzel or Quiros aren’t involved the tournament is dead to me. No sense forcing a few plays on people no one has heard of before just so for the 1% chance I will be staying up late to watch streaming bootleg video online Saturday night. Not worth it.

Still ironing out the Fantasy team. That along with my bracket will be posted later tonight.



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2 responses to “ONE MORE GOLF ADD ON

  1. Thanks, I knew I heard that somewhere and was pretty confident that was the case when Mark Calcavecchia is laying -150 to anyone.

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