2:29: Quiros makes birdie at number one. 4 shots back. The first hole is going to play a lot more “difficult” today because of the wind and the pin location. It is still an easy 4, though.

: At the risk of jinxing him, Quiros will definitely be a major champion some day. He hits the ball an absolute mile kilometer, Butch Harmon called him “the longest hitter in the world” yesterday, and has an ability to make a ton of putts inside 10 feet. When he sharpens up the short game a bit he is a big time major contender.

2:42: Phil was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration last night. Apparently he got two IV bags. That has to bode well for Watney.

3:03: For the record, I am saying Pitt, Ville, Memphis, UNC as number one seeds, although I am taking Memphis mainly because I like them better than UConn. I think Pitt probably is number one overall.

3:07: Really NBC? After showing us 7-minutes of highlights and bullshit sports updates(where I learned Brodeur is a good goalie and Joey Sindelar is chasing his first Senior Tour victory) The first shot they show us is Tiger. Yup. He is eight shots back.

3:23: Henrik Stenson shot 83 today. Wow, how did that happen? Watney just knocked in a birdie on three to get back to a share of the lead.

3:33: Phil got lucky with his short game the first three days this week. The last two holes he has been awful. Watney has a chance at 5 to take the outright lead. It is going to be Phil v. Watney all day.

3:35: Wait, What Johnnie Miller. “After two skanky holes Phil is to 17 under.” The only thing better was one of the NBC henchman saying, “Yeah…Johnnie, thats probably the best way to describe it.” Watney leads by one.

3:44: Quiros has a 50-foot putt coming up. There is no way he gets it within 5 feet of the hole.

3:48: I am pleasantly surprised that he got it to 1″10″ (+/- 15 ft, It’s shot tracker). Quiros is now entering the 8-12 stretch where he has to go 2-under with 3 par 5s. Phil makes a Phil birdie. Watney played it down the middle, pitched up and…hits a terrible putt. Tied again.

4:01: Quiros seriously. We need some Birds, bud. Sergio finished at -6, Ogilvy at -4, so I win my biggest play of the week.

4:11: Fantastic. Second 3-putt bogey of the day for Quiros. God forbid I could ever get a break on one of these golf outrights.

4:24: “Tiger is the one man stimulus package.” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

4:26: I wish NBC would show us Golf, rather than commercials, Tiger Woods and discussions with Tim Finchem. The highlight of the day so far, is Dan Hicks mentioning that fans get a chance to see guys like Alvaro Quiros at the WGC’s, despite the fact that I have not seen one Quiros shot today.

:Ollie Wilson is 6-under on the day for my fantasy squad. Tiger is doing pretty well today too. Quiros and McIlroy need to pick it up.

4:40: NICK WATNEY HITS A FANTASTIC PITCH IN ON 9. Serves you right Phil.

4:43: Will we see one Alvie Quiros shot on TV today? I say no.

4:50: 1:10 until the brackets are released. The next biggest question in my opinion, Is can I get a tie with the DJ DJ matchup. DJ(the bad one) is 4 over through 14 today and only two shots ahead of DJ(the good one). DJ(the bad one) has no birdie holes left on the course, but I will take anything in that matchup. I have long conceded that one.

5:00: Casey in the water on 18. Should be safe with Paddy on that one. DJ(the bad one) just made a 10-footer for par to stay two up on DJ(the good one) but with three holes left I could see 2-over happening.

Elsewhere, Watney eagled 10 to share the lead(what a turn around) and Quiros is sucking on the greens today.

: Tiger on the 18th tee.

5:14: Quiros is done. Phil just put it in the shit, He refuses to close people out like Tiger does.

5:18: Phil is about to go right handed.

5:19: Lookout.

5:20: Tiger misses an heroic birdie effort on 18. Truly a masterful round from the genius today. Unfortunately, he’s 9 back. Watney and Phil are making a debacle out of whatever hole they are on.

5:30: Watney and Phil are playing awful right now. Quiros refuses to hit a green in regulation. Still, If he can play the final three in 1-under that could be a winner.

5:33: Despite his best efforts, Paddy is going to beat Paul Casey. That is big for me.

: I am pretty convinced that if you substituted me in for Quiros on the short game shots, He’d be doing better right now. 22 yds, the entire green to work with, and you only get it to 27 feet. Then he leaves the putt 5 feet short. This is terrible.

5:51: Alright I’m done for the day. Watney is going to blow it. Quiros sucks. It’s been real.



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  1. Eric

    Whoo! Tiger birdie! He’s still only 8 back. Johnny Miller is feeling a 28 on the back!

    And soft focus pieces on Jeev Milkha Singh? What is this, the Olympics?

  2. At least Jeev is (somewhat) in contention and probably much deserving of media attention. We don’t need to see every Tiger pre-shot routine.

  3. Eric

    I’m just surprised the mini leaderboard they put up on the screen doesn’t have Tiger’s score on it, just in case you missed all the coverage of him.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh! Tiger just misses Eagle to get to 6 back.

  5. Eric

    well that sucked.

  6. Unbelievable. Quiros misses a 6 footer on the last for Top-10. Then Watney literally comes half a revolution short of forcing the playoff. This is going to be a theme of a later post, but I can’t get a break in Golf right now.

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