12:37: Just opened up Shot Tracker for the first time in today. Scrolling down…Holy shit! Mathias Gronberg fired a nice 89 today. He fired a back nine 50 that included three sevens(two of them coming back to back). Luckily he doesn’t have to pay for balls, although he may soon have to, because he lost a lot of golf balls today. Sergio birdied the first. Els and Camilo both shot 3 over par.

1:52: Sergio is 2-under through 3. He has a 5 shot lead on the matchup guys right now. Remember this when he loses on Sunday to them by one shot.

3:04: In a minor upset looks like the Golf Channel is going to give us lots of McIlroy, Sergio and Allenby. Its rare they actually put the best golfers on t.v.

3:19: Some Highlights from Gronberg and Duval earlier today:

3:31: Sergio makes another birdie. He now has the outright lead. They have mentioned a few times how Sergio does not have major. In my opinion, his win at the Player’s last year is just as impressive as a major. What is the difference between the Players or a WGC and a major? Perception. People perceive that the Majors are the hardest to win, but in terms of field and quality of course there really isn’t much difference between between WGCs/Players(or the HSBC Champions) and a Major.

3:53: College Hoops picks:
Missouri St. +4(.8)
Cal Poly SLO +2.5(.8)

4:20: Sergio is really playing a pretty great round of golf so far. He is a truly fun player to watch when he gets it going, because he is such a great shot-maker.

5:17: Sergio makes a bogey on 15, which is a fairly difficult par 3. From what has happened so far today, You need to get the birdies early here, because 15-18 are absolutely brutal. For those of you following my passes Marino played bogey free today and MAJ is rebounding nicely.

5:25: Looks like Robert Allenby will pick up win number 4 in a row in my streak for the cash. On that note, I’m shutting down this semi-running account of the Honda Classic. I may fully live blog the first round of the WGC Doral next week if anyone is interested.


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