I think I am just going to pass the whole mess of College Basketball today. Villanova is clearly not a play. If you look hard enough, Georgia Southern probably could be, but I am not going to look hard enough.

So, fresh off about a week layoff from College Hoops, I will take a look at some potential line guesses for games tommorrow. The matter of accuracy of these does not reflect anything other than how much I have missed in the past week of hoops.

USF +4 v. Cincinnati: It’s always fun to take the Bulls at home against an overrated team. At least they aren’t Depaul they have a chance.

Indiana +17 v #8 Michigan St: Indiana’s struggles have been off my radar for a while now. At 1-15 in the Big10 they are clearly still the same crappy basketball team.

Clemson -15 v UVA: Where did I get 15? I pretty much pulled it out of a hat. Clemson is coming off back to back losses, but UVA is still UVA, I think this one is a pass.

Cleveland St. -17.5 v Detroit: Another crappy conference record I can get behind.

Oklahoma St. -4.5 v. Kansas St.: But they just beat Texas?

St Johns v. Georgetown: I don’t care. Awful vs perceived awful means fair line and a pass.

Duke -10.5 v. Florida St.: a FSU win over Clemson may move this line down a bit.

Maryland +4.5 v. Wake Forest: I hate small home dogs that have several high profile wins. By several I mean, UNC.

#25 Syracuse -16.5 v. Rutgers: Rutgers lost 82-66 the first time around at home. This one should be loads of fun.

Iowa +1.5 v. Ohio State: Anytime Iowa has crept on my radar, it has been getting a suspiciously low number of points against a bigger name school.

Alabama -3 v. Auburn: Throw out the records(and the quality basketball) when these two get together for the Iron Bowl.

We’ll see how that goes.


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  1. From the first lines I saw at Pinnacle:

    Clemson -15(o)
    Indiana +14(3)
    Iowa +1.5(0)
    OSU -4.5(1)
    Duke -11.5(1)
    Maryland +1.5(3)
    Alabama -1(2)
    Syracuse -15.5(1)
    Cleveland St. -17(.5)
    USF +3(1)

    Only an average of 1.25 points off not bad for my lack of attention to college hoops over the past week.

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