The Phillies won the World Series. Wow.

I really could start every post with that phrase.
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I read on that the Phillies are the rumor-mill front runners for Matt Holliday.

I am a huge Matt Holliday fan and would love to see him in a Phillies uniform next season. That being said, I will be a little sad to see Burrell gone next season.

Also, a potential Holliday trade comes with two conditions for me.

1) No one on the postseason roster can be part of the trade except possibly JA Happ. The Phillies can’t trade away key parts of this team–namely Victorino or Werth–to get Holliday. If they really want Holliday they can just wait one year and then sign him as a free agent without giving away players.

2) The Phillies must be able to lock him up long term before the trade. It is not worth having Holliday for just one year and giving up three or four prospects. Having Holliday for 5 years, though, would make up nicely for the loss of the prospects. I would rather have a bird in the hand than 3 in the bush, but I would also rather have 4 in the bush than 2 in the bush.

Since I don’t really care about the NBA or the NHL, I’ll be working on a MLB season in review post. It may be a lot, It may be one, I am not sure. It will definitely focus on overrated and underrated teams looking ahead to next year.


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