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…only with help from a mammoth rain storm and Buddy Selig. Props to James for the outstanding picture that really sums up the series and the Selig Administration in general.

The forecast tonight in Philly calls for temps in the low 30s with lots of wind and rain. If this game was being played in similar conditions, I’d guess the attendance at about 1,000 or so. But this is Philly, so no need to worry about the atmosphere.

Because the forecast is so shaky, I’d have one piece of advice for the Phils: Pinch hit Joe Blanton immediately.

The Rays almost didn’t have a place to sleep last night, so they were forced to travel to Wilmington, DE (of course you all know this as the home of the Sherrill clan). Let’s hope some of Delaware’s finest stepped up and made some late night calls to the hotel.

Quote of the night from James Sherrill, concerning fans stepping up and hassling the Rays:
“That would be the greatest moment in Delaware history since George Washington crossed the Delaware River standing up in a rowboat.”

Interesting item here: Apparently the Phillies are World Series champs in Nevada.

On another note, I apologize for the lack of posts recently, things have been way too busy.


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Photo from ESPN.

Blue Balls.

This is really a unbelievable situation. MLB called this game 2 innings to late to save ratings and appearance. Of course, the Rays scored in the top of the sixth and it makes it look like a blatant call for the Rays.

The Moral of the Story: When your a Philly team and your going for a title, even God is against you.

I feel Confident he made the right decision. Thanks Bud.

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One More Game.

A simple phrase, but not so simple in practice.

Ask the Mets or the 2000 Flyers.

Last night the Phillies did exactly what they were gearing up to do all series long. Score runs. They put guys in position throughout four games. Yesterday, they finally got some hits.

The runs came in flurries. There were four home runs(Howard twice, Werth, Blanton). The Phillies won 10-2.

Will tommorrow be a different world?

In Cole We Trust.

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My new favorite storyline of this College Football season is the emergence of the Virginia Cavaliers and their run for a BCS bowl. I’m rooting for chaos. I’m rooting for a Virginia-Tulsa BCS Bowl.
Photo from ESPN.

With a 24-17 win AT Georgia Tech, UVA moves to first place 3-1 in the Coastal Division. They have Miami, @Wake, Clemson and @VT. Three wins would probably do it for the Cavaliers, if they were able to win the VT game, because they hold Tie-breakers over GT and UNC.

Texas squeeked out a victory against Oklahoma St. in a very close game. Oklahoma St. is the second best team in the Big 12 this year. Next week Texas goes to Lubbock to play Texas Tech. I think Texas destroys the Texas Tech myth next week, big time.

Penn St. came up with a huge win against Ohio St. at night on the road. It was their first win in Columbus since they joined the Big Ten. Penn St. has by far the easiest schedule left of any of the undefeated teams. Joe Pa could be headed for the BCS Title.

Alabama won fairly convincingly over Tennessee, but this still remains a beatable team. In my opinion, Alabama is not as good as Florida.

Florida and Georgia, both cruised to wins this week. They meet next week in “the game formerly known as the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.” That will have huge implications for the SEC East. Florida is still getting hated on by the BCS, ranked only 8th. They also have the added motivation of the Gator stomp last year by Georgia. None of that matters, other than it will make a good story, but I think Florida is a much better team.

1. Texas
2. Penn St.
3. Florida
4. USC
5. Alabama
6. Oklahoma St.
7. Texas Tech
8. Georgia
9. Ohio St.
10. Utah

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Too hungover/excited for game 4 tonight, to write anything coherent. It would be an understatement to say I am slightly less confident in Joe Blanton tonight, but Sonnanstine is hittable and the Phils have certainly surprised people before.

Miami PK -110(2)
Philadelphia -9 -110(1)
Arizona +5 -110(1)
Houston -9 -105(1)

Waiting on one more 4:00 game.
ADDED 3:50
Seattle +6 -115(1)

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All about the Old Guys Tonight in Philly. Joe Pa and…

I can’t say enough about Jamie Moyer. Take out that awful call in the seventh and that was a gem of a game for Jamie. (Lots of props to that Air Forcewoman who sung “God Bless America.” It was the best rendition I’ve ever heard, only because it meant the top of the seventh was over.)

Scott Eyre came in and closed out the deal in the seventh. At this point, we need to mention all the Scott Eyres, Matt Stairs and such that have been a huge part of the Phillies’ World Series run. This team really has that special “it” factor.

Thank God they aren’t testing Ryan Madson for steroids like they do the New Orleans Saints.

I hope in Games 4-5 the Phillies get as many calls as the Rays have in Games 2-3.

When I talked about unsung heroes, I forgot to mention Ruiz and Bruntlett. Well done Boys.

Phils lead 2-1.

Check out Tom Hallion’s wiki page.

If you don’t get there soon enough: (whoever did this is a Philly hero.)
“Hallion bent over the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the 2008 World Series by blowing a call at first base that led to two runs by the Tampa Bay Rays.”

Photo from ESPN.

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It’s raining in Philly. According to sources in the Illadelph refering to the chances of having a game, “Stranger things have happened.” Moyer v. Garza. 8 p.m. That’s your preview. Deal with it.

Philadelphia +108(.5)
Phi/Tampa Gay under 9 +100(.5)
Tennessee +6(1)

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