…only with help from a mammoth rain storm and Buddy Selig. Props to James for the outstanding picture that really sums up the series and the Selig Administration in general.

The forecast tonight in Philly calls for temps in the low 30s with lots of wind and rain. If this game was being played in similar conditions, I’d guess the attendance at about 1,000 or so. But this is Philly, so no need to worry about the atmosphere.

Because the forecast is so shaky, I’d have one piece of advice for the Phils: Pinch hit Joe Blanton immediately.

The Rays almost didn’t have a place to sleep last night, so they were forced to travel to Wilmington, DE (of course you all know this as the home of the Sherrill clan). Let’s hope some of Delaware’s finest stepped up and made some late night calls to the hotel.

Quote of the night from James Sherrill, concerning fans stepping up and hassling the Rays:
“That would be the greatest moment in Delaware history since George Washington crossed the Delaware River standing up in a rowboat.”

Interesting item here: Apparently the Phillies are World Series champs in Nevada.

On another note, I apologize for the lack of posts recently, things have been way too busy.


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