The Phillies are the worst team ever to make the World Series.

After watching an hour of Sportscenter, I’ve pretty much heard every reason why the Phillies are an awful team.

I love how people are hating on the Phillies so much this year. Apparently if you are a baseball team not from the AL East, or Los Angeles, you don’t exist.

My reason for the Phillies not winning is bad luck. So the Phillies struck out or grounded out weakly with RISP. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. To go 1-28 is nothing more than bad timing.

Enough with “Big Game” James. First Off, he copied that nickname. Second he was very mediocre last night and in general. I wish his name was Bob.

Baseball prospectus has the Phillies at 55% to win the World Series from this point. Thats down from 65% before yesterday’s game, but higher than the 51% that B-Pro gave them before the series started.

On the Season the Rays record was, 92-70 based on run differential, while the Phillies was 93-69. Obviously you could argue that the Rays played a tougher schedule, but I think the Phillies are a better team.

Once again the Phillies got more hits, more total bases, more runners on base in the first two games. They just didn’t get them in. Oh, and they were on the road.

The Phillies may not win this series but it won’t be because they are a worse team than Tampa Bay.


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