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FedEx Cup Wrap Up

If you didn’t bother tuning in for or following the last major golf tournament of the season because Vijay had the Cup (and a cool 10 mil) all sewn up, you missed a hell of a tournament to end the 2008 golf season. For all the grief the PGA tour has been getting about the lackluster end to the season, they seem to have gotten the Tour Championship right by getting the 30 guys playing the best golf. It’s tough to deny a guy like Paddy Harrington a chance to compete in the tournament, but getting the top guys who were riding a nice hot streak delivered one of the most exciting tournaments of the year. Watching Phil, Sergio, AK and Camilo Villegas battle it out on the back nine on Sunday afternoon was probably the top moment of the Tigerless tour this year.

Some final thoughts:

1) Next season should be very entertaining, and it’s too bad we have to wait all the way until next April for the Masters. It’s gonna be great to see Tiger come back and battle the aforementioned guys at the highest level. The new group of young talent (led by AK and Camilo) have really established themselves and along with Paddy (and Boo!) just might provide a pretty stiff challenge to TDubs.

2) Camilo Villegas is the man. The guy is going to win a major next year. He gets on absurd birdie streaks and goes through stretches where he is absolutely lights out with the putter, something he always had but never was able to find the consistency to turn in four solid rounds and claim a victory. Well no more, the guy has back to back wins and a ton of confidence to bring into next season. Plus, look at that belt buckle. He may not have the best looking swing, but he is fun to watch.

3) Phil needs to live up to the #2 ranking next season, something I don’t think he deserves right now. The guy can be frustrating to watch, but I always find myself rooting for Lefty. When he competes well and challenges for titles, it’s better for the game of golf. I hope we can be treated to another Tiger/Phil showdown in a big spot next season.

4) The revised FedEx Cup format should be interesting to see. Its great that the PGA Tour is committed to providing a big finish to the season, and I legitimately get pretty excited to watch these playoff tournaments. The system is far from perfect, but they’re on the right track. I’d personally love to see the starting field cut down, keep the current points system, get 30 guys to the Tour Championship then have the winner of the Tour Championship take home the FedEx Cup. Imagine it: players battling it out on Sunday afternoon for $10 million would have a level of intensity similar to playing Red Dog while watching Boise State v. Oklahoma. The tour players would flip when presented with this idea, but isn’t this how a true playoff system should work?

See you in ’09.


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Ok, it’s time for me to atone for some atrocious NCAA picks last night:

Broncos (-10) over CHIEFS
BENGALS (-3.5) over Browns
JAGUARS (-7) over Texans
JETS (-1) over Cardinals
SAINTS (-4.5) over 49ers
PANTHERS (-7) over Falcons
TITANS (-3) over Vikings
BUCS over Packers
Bills (-8) over RAMS
Chargers (-8) over RAIDERS
Redskins (+11) over COWBOYS
Eagles (-3) over BEARS
Ravens (+6) over STEELERS

Let’s get after it.

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NFL Picks

Cincinatti Bengals -3.5 (+115)
Green Bay Packers +1 (-110)
Philadelphia Eagles -3 (-115)

Taking it pretty easy this sunday..

First, its C-i-n-c-i-n-n-a-t-i, Cincinnati. Thank you, I’ll be moving onto round two in the spelling bee.

The Picks:
Vikes +3 (1)
Tampa Bay -1 (1)
Kansas City +10 (.5)
Oakland +8 (1)

There were several close calls that I talked myself out of. Didn’t want to throw away any of my solid College Football Saturday on marginal calls.


One of these days i’ll get it right…then again, i’ll probably never bet on them again, so i may not have to.

Second of all its “on to” two words, so watch it.

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Lessons from my earlier picks:

Don’t make questionable picks after an entire afternoon of drinking.

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Some intriguing games are about to kick off tonight, and they’ve inspired me to make some last minute picks:

TCU (+18.5) over Oklahoma
Georgia (-7) over Alabama
Penn State (-15.5) over Illinois

and just because its been a tough week for top 5 teams favored by 20+ points:

Mississippi State (+24.5) over LSU

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My weekly 1&2 are now 0-2. Both as 20+ point favorites. Way to show up guys. I think its safe to say this win is bigger for Ole Miss than the Presidential debate last night.

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Georgia -7 +100(1)
Notre Dame -1.5 -110(1)
Florida St -6.5 -110(1)
Houston +10.5 -110(1)
Tennessee +7 -115(1)
Michigan +175(1)

Still looking at a few games later…


Illinois +15.5 -110(1)
North Texas +16 -110(1)

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