White Sox Twins Play-in Game

Yeah, so I don’t really care too much about this game since neither team is going to make it to the world series. I do however feel obliged to watch at least part of it, and even more so to bet on it. Therefore, I am taking the Twins +133.

Blackburn vs. Danks…lets see…Danks, just not good. He’s had a pretty good year but he is overrated right now. Awful last few starts. Blackburn, slightly more than a mediocre pitcher. Did i mention that Danks is pitching on three days rest? No thanks, Twins should have this by the 4th. Danks, much like Floyd of yesterday is not Sabathia. Floyd pitched better than i expected but he’s also a better pitcher than Danks. Also, the Twins have something to play for while the Tigers had to cancel their tee times.


Twins 8
White Sox 5

Playoff baseball is just a day away, until then, try to enjoy this “playoff” game. Or just watch House.

P.S. Should i tell my teacher that its pronounced Obama, not Obamer? Tough one.


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